Operationally Focused Investors

ExCap is a group of former operators and capital markets experts. Our direct, hands-on expertise results in an active investment and management approach that generates alpha through the investment cycle.

Strategy Rooted in Demographics

Our investment strategy is formed by a top-down, analytical understanding of key macro demand drivers, migration patterns, and job formation trends. We target multifamily investment opportunities across the US.  

Data-Driven Investment Selection

Our unique investment platform relies on proprietary data analytics to strategically deploy capital across target submarkets and between both acquisition and development opportunities, as the market dictates.

Proactive Risk Management

We are fiduciaries devoted to preserving LP capital, utilizing prior experience spanning multiple cycles to proactively mitigate downside risks.

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns
Through a Differentiated Approach

ExCap and its principals have established a successful track record of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing a diversified real estate investment strategy. We balance high-yield new development construction investments with value-add acquisitions of existing assets. We target resilient real estate sectors and limit project-level leverage to preserve investor capital and lower investment risk in the event of market volatility.

More About ExCap

Diversified Portfolio Across Product Type, Geography, and Type of Capital

Our targeted, yet nimble, investment platform has resulted in a diversified real estate portfolio that includes GP, co-GP, and LP capital investments in both acquisition and development projects across various geographies. 

Our current investment focus includes both multifamily acquisition and development opportunities in markets across the US.

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