Value Creation

We pursue opportunistic and value-add real estate opportunities across a diversified set of sectors and geographies.

Capital Preservation

We are dedicated to preserving investor capital through our allocation to resilient real estate sectors and a measured underwriting approach.

Data-Driven Approach

We rely on a market-driven investment strategy led by analysis of key macro trends and influential demographic drivers.

Built on Relationships

We specialize in developing preferred relationships with real estate operators that generate attractive opportunities that meet our pre-specified investment criteria.

Maximize Returns While
Preserving Capital

ExCap and its principals have established a successful track record of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing a diversified real estate investment strategy. We balance high-yield new development construction investments with value-add acquisitions of existing assets. We target resilient real estate sectors and limit project-level leverage to preserve investor capital and lower investment risk in the event of market volatility.

More About ExCap

Our investments are diversified across sectors, risk profiles, and geographies.

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